nicola (dinulipatti) wrote in wtf_art,

Phil Hansen is awesome as fuck.

A portrait of Britney Spears composed entirely out of chewed up & spit out food? PRICELESS.

This picture of Lance Armstrong was made by putting paint on tricycle tires and driving over the canvas.

Graphite on eggs.

Made from tea candles. [=

Jimi Hendrix tribute, made entirely from matches.

A portrait of Kim Jung Il he made using his own blood & band-aids.

A portrait of George W. Bush using the names of soldiers that have died in the Iraq War.

A picture of the Ku Klux Klan, using scraps of Bible pages.

Graphite on StarBucks cups.

Mother Teresa made from dandelions.

The Virgin Mary made from PB&J sandwiches.

And my absolute favorite:

"I broadcast my phone number via the internet and
asked people to call me and tell me a moment that
changed their life.  All of these moments were
written over the course of 136 hours of which I
didn't leave the work space except for restroom

Mine is on here. [=

You can find more of his work (and awesome videos of how he made the stuff) at

Tags: bible, bicycle, blood, candles, celebrity, dandelions, food, graphite, hansen, ku klux klan, matches, sandwiches, starbucks, words
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